Your Lifestyle Session

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What is Lifestyle?

For me, Lifestyle photography is all about you and your family.  Your moments, your life and your everyday.  It is about taking the stress out of having photos, no poses, no fake smiles just authentic moments and real connections.  These are the memories I am passionate about capturing.  A pose is a fantastic snapshot of what you all look like at that moment in time and is an image to be treasured... But Lifestyle is about capturing what you were like at that stage in your life, the way you held your newborn, the way your toddler giggled, the way your children made you laugh, the bear hugs and your relationship… These are the things worth remembering to me. 

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Your Session

Typically your session will last 1.5 - 2 hours (possibly longer!) depending on the make up of your family.  Sessions tend to take place in your home or your preferred special place (local park/ grandparents house etc) and I will join in with games or activities and capture the moments as they unravel.  Each session will be specific to your family - I want to capture the true essence of your family and if that involves smiles and laughter or tantrums and drama, I want to capture it all!

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After Your Session

After your session I will retire to my editing cave to go through the images of the session.  I will select and edit the best images that capture your family perfectly.  The editing process will take between 2 - 4 weeks after which I will send you an online viewing gallery with colour and black and white versions for you to view and download. No need to choose your favourites - you can have them all!