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When I think back to my two pregnancies I have two very different memories… My first was amazing… I was young(er), fitter, stronger and dare I say it ‘wilder’. I embraced pregnancy and my body and it’s changes… I had a professional photoshoot but didn’t buy any of the images…. This is not because I felt I looked huge, fat and ugly, they were lovely pictures but it just didn’t feel like me in them. Do I regret it? Yes. I can’t remember what I looked like pregnant. I think I have one image on a phone that I took in haste as a friend abroad wanted to see what I looked like. It was 10pm at night, I was in my PJ’s and I stood next to a lamp and I’ll be honest, I looked a bit like Uncle Fester (in my opinion of course) and I have no idea where that image is. In hindsight, I had chosen the wrong photographer for me. At the time, I didn’t know it as I wasn’t on my Photography journey but now I am, I know that was why I didn’t get them. Regardless, she did take some beautiful photos and now when my son asks me what he looked like when he was in my tummy I always have a pang of regret that I can’t show him…

With my second pregnancy I was wiser, fatter, tireder and waddle-ier! No one was allowed near me with a camera!! My face was twice the size it should have been let alone my hips and rear end… I felt like Shrek. I didn’t have a photoshoot (who has time for these things when you have a full time toddler running around too?!). I do however, have a couple more mobile phone photos of me that I took literally weeks before I was due because I knew I didn’t want to regret it as much as I did the first (albeit whilst I was in a restaurant because hey, at least I had my hair and make up on!) But ironically, now I regret even more not having a photoshoot. Why?! Because aside from me feeling like a dinosaur, I also never had those moments captured where my eldest embraced my belly, talked to the bump, kissed the bump…. Those tender moments I’d nearly forgotten until I took to writing this post.

Now I know what I wish I knew then…. I wish I had found a photographer that would come to me… To my home, where I am most comfortable. To have captured me initially in the little bubble me and my husband had created between us before the arrival of our first. Someone who could capture our connection and the emotion that had brought us together in the first place and the excitement of bringing a new life into the world… Someone who captured all that nesting I was doing… The beautifully painted nursery my husband had pained over and the flat packed nursery furniture I was determined to build alone at 9 months pregnant! All those little details I wish I had captured the first time around but didn’t think to and there are some things a mobile phone just doesn’t capture as it should!

I wish I had a photographer come to our new home to capture my eldest in all his toddler glory for the last time before becoming the older sibling and having all of our worlds changed so dramatically. I wish I had photos of all the prep I had done for my home birth… Re-arranging the furniture, my pile of natal hypnotherapy CD’s ready for action, baby’s clothes laid out… Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! All of those things are so important to me now… Even more so that I am a photographer… The photographer I wish I had during my own journey of motherhood.

Lifestyle Maternity photos aren’t just about the bump…. They are about capturing you, your family, your life and the excitement of the future all in the comfort of your own home. Let me tell you something… You are beautiful. You are. You have 2 hearts beating inside of you which is the most incredible thing our bodies can do. Being pregnant is probably one of the rarities in your life and I am grateful that I have the ability to be able to draw out the beauty and emotion in it and in you… I’m here for you, so please don’t regret not having photos as much as I do.

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