Best Christmas Photo Gifts - It's not too late!

I think Photographs are the best gift anyone can receive (I guess I am supposed to say that!) but seriously, you can’t get anything better in my opinion. It is the most personal, tangible gift which is guaranteed to bring pure joy to the receiver whatever the image. I’m talking actual, physical photographs, not the photography sessions although to be fair they are fantastic gifts too but require a little input from the receiver. I have been known to provide a photobook or two or perhaps a framed portrait as a gift and I receive equal amounts of pleasure when I see said frame up on the mantlepiece or said photobook on the coffee table to be enjoyed by all… Here are my top 5 best Christmas photo gifts for you and if you’re on the ball you could have them done in time for Xmas!

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Photobook - I often make these for personal events - I mean really personal, for my viewing pleasure only. I love them. OK admittedly, they are by no means Professional grade at all but for my iPhone/ camera snaps they are fine and funnily enough for personal use, I am less bothered about perfection. The books I get are from Photobox. They do a limited range of sizes and pages but the displays are super easy and you have a few options for upgrading to hardback/ with cover/ binding title etc. All you need to do is upload all the images and drag/ drop them onto the pages. There are many Apps out there that do this directly from your phone which I am sure equal in comparison but I just haven’t tried them! The effort you put in to the book usually outweighs itself when the receiver cries tears of joy at looking through it! Trust me - it is totally worth it!

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School Photo

The Traditional School Photo. I won’t deny it - this is always a winner for the grandparents at Christmas. These days Photographers tend to have so many fantastic options for the type of print you can have ranging from wallet sized prints, to key-rings, mugs, frames and Canvases. Too Easy!

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Significant Place

Significant Place. I lived in Australia for a while, in my ‘youth’. My prized photo on display at home isn’t actually one I took myself but it is a print of a digital photo I bought from a friend who still lives out there that I commissioned to take from a specific viewpoint. If you have been to Sydney (highly recommended for those who haven’t!) you will know the iconic Luna Park in Kirribilli. I used to live nearby and my favourite place to walk at sunset was by Luna park looking over the Harbour under the Bridge. I found the vastness of the Harbour encapsulating and the view of the architecture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from underneath was phenomenal. I have this exact view printed BIG and framed beautifully in our hallway and I walk past it everyday and every so often stop for more than just a fleeting second to admire and reminisce. A beautiful photo of a special place will always invoke great memories and be treasured. There are many fantastic Landscape Photographers that sell their prints or digitals - Dr Google can help you find them. A lovely gift idea!


Family Portrait

Family Portrait. This is always a winner. Although it can be tricky and would require input from the receiver. I would always go big for a family portrait and more importantly beautifully framed. Foresight would be required to ensure the receiver actually has wall space for it! It’s easy to have fleeting conversations in the lead up to Christmas to make sure you get the right size, frame type and photo.

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Photo Diary

Photo Diary. A take on the Calendar, I really love these. They are great and work well for anyone! You can get creative and do one for a special friendship or perhaps a special pet could feature and of course grandchildren are usually the most fun! The diaries look beautiful and present like a labour of love! I like the look of these ones at Bags of Love.

And there you have it - my top 5 Christmas photo gifts! However you are celebrating Christmas this year, be sure to keep that camera charged and accessible as it proves to be another year full of memories worth capturing!

I’d love to hear about your favourite Photo Gift! Share in the comments!

Shabana xx